The majority of individuals have always found fun in sports betting. However, some gamblers turned their pastime into a legitimate vocation and were successful in this perilous professional path. These seasoned gamblers make sure their wagers have a favorable effect on their ROI.

This article introduces numerous popular bettors who became well-known and showcases professional sports gamblers.


The difference between wagering to win and wagering to risk is what defines professional sports wagering. Those who routinely place high-stakes bets and win can become wealthy sports bettors. People who make their living from gambling cannot afford to risk their money on dangerous bets that continuously deplete their bankroll and life savings. Sports betting lines may be studied by experts to identify profitable markets.

It’s a common fallacy that seasoned gamblers possess superhuman analytical faculties that enable them to assess the likelihood that a wager will succeed using a variety of facts. The possible reward is also included in this figures. Another pernicious fallacy is that successful gamblers have inside knowledge of which team or individual will underperform in a match. The fact is that professional sports bettors are honest about their odds and payouts. Unachievable goal-setters frequently place losing bets.

Professionals examine how these markets are priced, unlike ordinary sports gamblers who scan the pricing of betting site markets to see which ones may assure them a sizable reward. Career gamblers need to understand the price-influencing aspects. Due to factors like the first team having one of the season’s MVPs, bookmakers placed the LA Lakers at 2.40 versus the Mavericks at 3.5 for one game. Knowing this rationale will assist gamblers identify the high-value wagers that will provide them with their monthly pay.

Every expert bettor takes into account a wager’s expected value (EV), which calculates how much they stand to gain or lose from any market. Positive +EV indicates a wager with potential for long-term profit, but -EVs might result in a gradual loss.

The mentality of a bettor makes a significant distinction between a professional and a casual bettor. When a professional approaches a UK sportsbook, they stay away from tempting markets like parlays or incentives for other forms of gambling. Instead, they concentrated on marketing initiatives that would increase their profit margins, such free bets on NFL semifinals. This concentration results from a disciplined mentality that views sports betting as a business rather than a pastime. Professionals always view bets as investments rather than forms of fun.


There have been a few sports bettors who have been able to live off their winnings. The most well-known sports bettors who have had professional success are listed below.

Nick Bloom

Sports bettor Anthony Grant Bloom, sometimes known as Tony Bloom, is from England. Being a knowledgeable bettor, Tony’s wagers have an effect on bookmakers since they frequently come true. Due to his achievements, Bloom was able to take the helm at sports forecasting company Starlizard.

Although he was mostly lucky as a result of making wise bets throughout the years, he also achieved fame in competitive poker games. He earned more over $1,500,000 in cash from live tournament victories in 2008.

Martin Angelo

Making cautious wagers throughout the years, Marco D’Angelo demonstrated the adage “slow and steady wins the race.” He has a betting strategy that enables him to identify opportunities with a high likelihood of success and is skilled at handling losses.

D’Angelo’s approach evolved into the Marco-ism style of wagering, which considers specifics or data not included in typical sports statistics. The requirement that bets be less than 5% of the entire bankroll also contributes to the discipline that is fostered in players who won’t let victories or losses influence their bets.

Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko Ranogajec is an Australian professional gambler who specializes in blackjack, keno, and horse racing wagering. His initial success came from turning a few hundred dollars into millions through card counting. By betting almost $7.5 million on keno, Ranogajec would engage in a high-risk, high-reward strategy and profit significantly from the overall rewards.

Ranogajec was still able to fund his sports betting habit even after getting into legal and casino issues by maintaining a low profile using anonymous internet accounts.

Benjamin Walters

William T. Walters is among a very small group of sports bettors who have had 30 years of uninterrupted success. Before going on this fabled winning streak, Walters went through a terrible setback in the early 1980s when he lost his house to gambling.

When Walter connected with the Computer Group and began using computer analysis to accurately predict the results of the athletic events, his luck changed. His 30-year victory run began with this time. If you want to be precise, he should have had a 39-year winning run if he had never lost a bet throughout that time.

Fezzik, Steve

Steve Fezzik is well-known not just as a sports bettor. For more than 12 years, he has been a well-known name in the sports betting industry and has supplied other professionals with his expert sports choices. Fezzik initially placed modest wagers in Las Vegas, where he has now made over a million dollars in profit.

Fezzik found exploitable mistakes made by bookies by using analytical math, which led to his enormous success. He is also well known for employing a variety of betting techniques, including as carefully analyzing how much the odds have changed just before a game. Operators balancing their books and a flaw Fezzik had exploited caused the substantial line movement. Fezzik would wager on the opposite outcome if it moved in one direction.

How to Become an Expert Sports Gambler

Everyone aspires to be a professional sports gambler, turning their time spent at US sports betting sites into a day’s worth of employment. The following helpful advice will give you a head start in the field of professional gambling, even if there are no manuals, instructions, or charts that will have you start making millions from any bets.

  • Use the EV formula = (fair win probability) x (profit if win) – (fair loss probability) x (stake). If the result is positive, this is a bet worth taking.
  • Set your starting bankroll at least $500 to make $1 betting units. This limit helps you discipline yourself in making intelligent and well-planned wagers and lower the risk of bankruptcy.
  • Adopt a mindset that losses and winnings from your bankroll are adjustments to the total betting units you have available and not potential money to spend on personal enjoyment or needs.
  • Focus on only one sport, helping you find errors in sportsbook pricing and potential wager opportunities.
  • Shop the lines on several sports betting sites. Use an odds converter to help you real the sports markets on different sites if needed.

Because they can see opportunities, place cautious wagers that are certain to win, and have studied a game in order to place high-value wagers, professional sports bettors are profitable. Even if it’s impossible to completely emulate them, anyone may make a genuine effort to become a professional bettor by treating sports betting like a business.

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