By using matched betting, gamblers may convert the free bets that bookmakers give away into actual money. Continue reading this post if you want to learn more about this strategy, and make sure you comprehend it completely before putting any money at risk.


A common kind of low-risk gambling at sporting events is matched betting. It’s sometimes referred to as “bonus hunting” or “no-risk betting.” By leveraging bonuses and free bets, matched bettors may increase their winnings by wagering on every outcome of a game or event. This approach is one of the strategies to profit from sports betting.

The amount of profit bettors make with this strategy fluctuates and relies on a variety of variables. How many accounts you can open, how much time you have, and how much money you can deposit into your matched betting pot are some variables that determine your winnings.

How does matched betting benefit gamblers?

To ensure a profit no matter the outcome, bettors place bets backing and laying the same outcome. Since they make use of free bets and bonuses provided by bookmakers, they have every possible outcome covered with a payment that pays the cost of both investments. In sports betting sites where you may use your bonuses, back bets are typically placed. In betting exchanges, where you can discover profitable odds against your back bet, lay bets are placed.

Using the same back-and-lay strategy, bettors may ensure earnings after receiving a free wager from a bookmaker. A “qualifying” bet is the initial wager that allows gamblers to get a free bet. This won’t benefit bettors, while some may.

This idea stems from the fact that they put half of the wagers using other people’s money while keeping the winnings for themselves. This can help bettors ensure an easy profit while reducing dangers, regardless of the result of any athletic event on which they have bet. If you study matched betting and become an expert at it, you’ll figure out how to consistently win free bets, which will turn into your main source of revenue in the betting sector.


What is the potential profit from match betting? It’s said that by matched betting, gamblers may consistently make £300 to €500 or more every month. You may make up to €800+ a month if you have a higher bankroll and some expertise with this strategy. Your bankroll and the amount of time you invest will, however, both have a role in how much money you make. These are the criteria that determine how many offers, like the sportsbook welcome bonus, you may accept. In certain months, you could make a lot more money than in others, while other months might be harder. Additionally, your profits are based on the quality and value that are being supplied.

Beginners are thought to be able to earn an hourly profit of at least €10, which is regarded as tax-free. 20 to 40 percent of taxpayers will pay the equivalent of €13 to €17 because this is tax-free. On most days, you could be able to make $5 to $15 in ten to fifteen minutes or less. Once you have a better grasp of how to utilize each betting exchange and individual bookmaker, you will be able to finish this much more quickly. Finding the offer you wish to take part in and putting a few bets only take a few minutes once you have the feel of it.

Match betting as a profession

Particularly for new bettors, there are several everyday possibilities to pursue matched betting full-time. This would entail taking advantage of as many casino and daily sports deals as you can. Then, you may use any gubbed accounts for arbitrage to follow it.

Many people do rely on matched betting for a living. Some people do it because it’s tax-free, while others do it because they prefer matched betting to other ways of generating money. Profits from matched betting can provide you with a month’s worth of support if you consistently accept reload bonus offers and place solid bets. Since every outcome guarantees a profit, using bonuses for your back bet is known as no-risk matched betting.

Even while this method can be hit-or-miss, it could nevertheless help you make some money and occasionally provide you the opportunity to win really large rewards, which someone needs to win. You may now begin collecting the lesser winnings, which will total £10–£20 per week.


Fortunately, betting on all outcomes or on matched bets is permitted. You don’t need to be concerned about running afoul of the law. When betting on matches, you should be concerned about bookmakers.

If you know what gubbing is, you’ll know how aggravating it is. Gubbing is when you intentionally cause a bookmaker to limit your account. When matched betting goes awry, it may happen to anyone. You will receive an email from the bookmaker letting you know that you lost. Even if they won’t use this same sentence in their email, you will still convey the same meaning.

If this occurs, certain bettors won’t be allowed to take part in promotions. Because matched betting depends on these promotional offers, this stops you from using that bookmaker for that purpose. However, other bettors won’t be able to gamble more than, say, £5 since bookies would restrict their maximum stake. If bookmakers continue to view you as a liability, they may, in the worst situation, shut your account.

Making money in matched betting using hacked accounts

Place BOG wagers

The phrase “best odds guaranteed,” or BOG, refers to the bookmaker’s promise to pay you the greatest odds a horse had in the race, even if you bet on lesser odds. For instance, if you placed a wager on a horse at 5.0 odds and it had a poor start, the odds would have grown to 10. The bookmaker will compensate you at odds of 10 if this occurs. In this manner, when betting with gubbed accounts at some bookies, you can still be eligible for BOGs. BOGs won’t generate a lot of money, but they will still generate some.

Locate Additional Markets

The key to using gubbed accounts for matching betting is to locate several place marketplaces. Despite the fact that this is a promotion, even if your account gets gubbed, you will still be allowed to do more extra place marketplaces.

Make a wager on arbitrage

Similar to price increases, arbitrage allows you to out-earn the lay odds by using the back odds. Arbs, however, are not a promotion; rather, they are the outcome of bookmakers taking their time to change the odds.

It’s permissible to place an occasional arb since even honest bettors make mistakes periodically. If you specifically target arbs, bookmakers will identify you as a matched bettor and instantly shut your account. The only method to make money off of other accounts is through arbitrage.

At first glance, matched betting may appear challenging. You’ll be able to pick your deal and put your free bets quickly if you get the hang of it and finally master the art of matched betting.

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